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Electric RC Speedboats

Intermediate Level: Electric RC Speedboats are the biggest of the electric-powered RC boats and go as fast as 15 to 25 mph!

The fastest boats are powered by twin electric motors that are synced together on one drive shaft providing an exceptional amount of spin speed and torque.

The hull shape also comes in two different styles: Mono Hull and Tunnel Hull.

One of the most popular versions of Mono-Hull electric rc speedboats I have seen is the Megatech Caribbean Cruiser II. Although there are some other great brands that we'll be adding to this section in the future.

The Megatech Caribbean Cruiser II is a newer version that came out last year and boasts a 30% increase in power with it's addition of the Aqua Torque Motor Hop-Up Kit. These are twin 550 motors that also have an "Aqua Ram" forced-water cooling system that circulates cool water piped around both motors as the boat moves through the water.

megatech caribbean cruiser

click here to see a video of the in action...and check out that rooster tail!

The throttle servo inside the receiver box offers two speeds. The slower speed is used for maneuvering the boat around the water and the second speed puts the motors into full speed. This changes the boat from a "bow up" position to "leveling off" position as the boat now planes across the water at very high speed (above pic).

A few tips:

  • Batteries: You'll get the most speed out of your electric rc speedboat by cycling your batteries a few times. This means you'll need to charge and discharge them at least three times. When discharging the batteries in the boat make sure the boat is always moving so the motors stay cool. Run the batteries down all the way until the prop no longer turns. Then take the batteries out, let them cool off, and then recharge them.

    We recommend using 7.2 volt 2400 batteries for this boat. Full run time should last approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Waterproof receiver box: is located in the stern section of the boat. This box contains the receiver and servos. It is very important to make sure that prior to running the boat, that the box is completely sealed. Some boats come with a special water-proof tape. You can also use black electrical tape for this purpose.

click here to read a review of the original Carribean Cruiser from Hobby Merchadiser magazine

Here's another picture of the Megatech Caribbean Cruiser II displaying the aft section rudder, trim tabs, prop and forced-water cooling pipe:

megatech caribbean cruiser aft picture

A very popular Tunnel-Hull Electric RC Speedboat is the Graupner Systems Catamaran RC Model Boat.

graupner tunnel hull

click here to see a video of the Graupner in action!

This boat comes as a kit and needs to be assembled which can be done quickly. The entire boat including the outdrive section is 32 inches long from bow to stern. Like most kits, you will also need to purchase all of the accessories including the radio system, batteries, charger, and drive unit.

graupner tunnel hull accessories

New to the U.S. market is the complete line of Robbe RC Speedboats. Distributed by our good friends at Ikarus USA (better known for their RC electric helicopters), the Robbe boats are of the highest quality.

Here is a picture of one of their more popular electric RC speedboats:

The RAC 400 represents a distinctively different racing boat for the 400 class. The primary aim in designing this model was to reduce hull drag to the absolute minimum, based on an extremely low-profile, broad, self-stabilizing winged hull. This provides virtually unbeatable maneuverability, permitting abrupt changes of course even at maximum speed.

This model comes with everything except the radio system i.e. Transmitter, Receiver, servos, and the electronic speed controller.

Click here to see the RAC 400 and other electric rc speedboats!

Another hot new boat from Robbe RC Boats is the Magin One. This is a 1:25th Scale Off-Shore Racing Boat is in the Mono II racing boat class design and is powered by a Power 710 electric motor and is capable of speeds beyond 40 km/hr (approx. 25 mph).

Robbe Magin One RC Speedboat

The Magin One is a 1:25 scale electric rc speedboat that comes in a kit form and requires assembly. If you're interested in getting one make sure you also purchase the Power Set (Magin One No. sku# RO1175), Navy Control 535 Speed Controller (sku# RO8615), and a 2-Channel, 75 MHz radio system, all of which are sold separately.

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